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Trivial rambilings from the host

When i tried to make my diet i ended up going up to 1000 calories. Today i forgot about it and I’m still at 459 calories. It seems like i diet subconsciously. Not sure whether this is good or bad.

New topics to cover in my boredom

stopped music reviews a long time ago.  I’m getting more into the thinspo stuff and might be posting more body stuff. My fucking thighs are terrible despite my ribs, collar, and hip bones all being visible my thighs look like chops of ham. I have a thigh gap but only barely.  I have been doing 1000 cals for 4 month but without exercise, then with exercise, now I dropped to 700 with exercise. 125 at 5’9 so my bmi is 19.

Some other shit, I cook for my family along with generally being a super healthy person at least with what I eat. So imma post recipes and shit with calories since a good helping of thinspo chicks eat shit.

Well I found out my problem, Too much of the same music just fucks your brain over. Never again this time i have a pretty wide spread shoegaze, emo, electro, hip-hop, and swing jazz.

Starting with Snowing an emo band. Now when I say emo band I don’t mean that fucking bulshit my chemical romance and shit I mean the more screamo side of things. I mean if your going to whine you might as well not sound like the biggest bitch in the world. I have to reasons for liking snowing first is there musical variance they put a great deal of attention in there instruments and that is something to be admired. Second is the raspy vocals it sounds like this guy has been doing songs the whole day how is throat is stripped. Seriously though anytime some asshole talks about how emo is just preteens sitting around being superficially emotional show them snowing its not too out there that they would say its not emo but god will it shut them up

Gravy train!!!! a musical sextravaganza, everything they do is to there image i mean fuck there current members are Chunx Hunx Funx Junx how can you not like that. They have addictivly poppy notes for there songs and there entire image feels like everything has been drenched in sugar and grease. There lyrics are solid rather then floaty which makes always reminds me of hip hop and anti folk. Its music is just fun i am not sure what else there is to say. Its fun lyrics over a poppy electronic beat i mean what else could you want.

for those unacquainted with rap Illogic won’t be any departure from what you expect but if you want a high place to start Illogic is the place. He is known for his poetic style. He truly understands his medium mixing up the rhythmic components sometimes matching his voice allowing for a lot simpler more punchy lyrics but ones that bleed into the music sometimes doing the opposite allowing his lyrics to stand out on there own. I am referring to celestial clockwork which in my opinion is one of his better albums.

Helium clever shoe gaze is smooth to listen too and well it kinda fits the shoe gaze attitude well. Long instrumental interludes and low key vocals.  They use the effect pedals oddly in that during these instrumental interludes they just do random little snip its which seems almost if they where testing the instruments. There vocals blend fairly well though I feel that there use as a unique instrument is not as capitalized as it should be with the vocalist performing a fairly monotone piece most the way through only occasionally adding to the the instrumental sections volume rather then tone.

Lavay smith & her red hot skillet lickers a mouthful of a band but man are they smooth listening. This is something you play to seem like a vintage hipster you are they aren’t hard to get into and you can impress all your friends by the fact you actually listen to swing. In all honesty skillet lickers is nice listening even at the expense of looking like a try hard. Long emotional interludes spacing out the beautiful jazz vocals of Lavay. While I write this I am listening to gee baby ain’t i good to you which took an instrumental solo break from another instrumental solo break. The band works well together with the vocal and instrumental taking turns complementing each other. The band is modern though and is not just a throwback and the lyrics aren’t about going to the nickle store and world war two. Sadly there website sucks shit I mean terrible I don’t expect that much but seriously its just bad.